Oxegen Music Festival

Oxegen 2014: TBC

Oxegen has become one of the most famous music festivals in Europe since it was first held in 2004. The event takes place at Punchestown Racecourse in Co. Kildare in the Republic of Ireland and people come from all over Europe to enjoy it. Oxegen is usually held over a weekend in mid-July.

Most people stay for the weekend to make the most of the event and there is plenty of space nearby to pitch a tent....but you can also come for the day. Don't miss Oxegen......

June Festival

June marks the start of the summer festivals in Lisbon which are known as the "Festas dos Santos populares."

Parades are organised in all of the districts in Lisbon at the start of June. The most important day is twelfth June when locals and tourists crowd Avenida da Liberdade to watch the parades and take in the carnival atmosphere. There is a party spirit in the air, tables are put in the streets, the cafes are full, there is the smell of grilled sardines in the air and music surrounds the city.

Moros y Cristianos Festival

Alcoy Town
30 miles North of Alicante

Over 150 Moors and Christians festivals take place every year in Spain to celebrate the battle of Alcoy, 1275. In this epic battle, St George helped defeat the Moorish armies led by Al Azraq.

The Moros y Cristianos festival which takes place in Alcoy near Alicante is the biggest of them all and the one to attend if you can. Here you can witness giant re-enactments of the battles between 28 costumed armies fighting in the streets. The fiesta is the jewel in Alicante's festival crown - even outdoing Semana Santa - Holy Week.

Photo Bestival 2014


Bestival, Isle of Wight: 4th-7th September 2014

Voted best major UK Festival by the UK Festival Awards 2010, this year's Bestival won't disappoint. The three day festival is held in Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle of Wight in England, taking place at the end of the summer since 2004.

Photo Olympic Games 2012

Olympic Games 2012

27 July to 12 August 2012

Summer 2012 was a very busy one in London. Since the city won the bid for the XXX Olympiad for the third time, it had been feverishly preparing for the biggest sporting event in the world calendar. In fact, a digital clock was erected in Trafalgar Square to count down the seconds to the event.

Photo Notting Hill Carnival 2014

Notting Hill Carnival

Sunday 24th - Monday 25th August

Europe’s biggest street party, Notting Hill Carnival has been held every August Bank Holiday since 1966. Each year, the streets of West London are filled with colourful costumes, crowds dancing to static sound systems, and an array of Caribbean food stalls. The event attracts over 1 million people.

Photo Tokyo Game Show 2014

Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show 2014: 16th - 25th September

The Tokyo Game Show is one of the more modern events which is celebrated in Tokyo around the end of September or the start of October. The latest and most modern video games are exhibited during this event.

Photo Hari-kuyo - The Festival of Broken Needles 2014

Hari-kuyo- The Festival of Broken Needles

Hari-kuyo - The Festival of Broken Needles, 8 February 2014


2-3-1 Asakusa,

The annual Festival of Broken Needles is held on 8th February. According to the tradition, Japanese women would take a break from their daily work as dressmakers so that they could worship the sea gods and show their gratitude and respect to old, broken and rusty needles by putting them in a cake.

Photo Summer Bank Holiday 2014

Summer Bank Holiday 2009

Summer Bank Holiday

The last Monday in August usually marks the end of the summer holidays in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the start of the new academic year. Many families go away to the coast for a long weekend, or on a family outing to enjoy the last few days of the summer holidays.

Summer Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday 2014 : 25 August
Summer Bank Holiday 2015 : 31 August
Summer Bank Holiday 2016 : 29 August
Summer Bank Holiday 2017 : 28 August
Summer Bank Holiday 2018 : 27 August