Toronto is well connected with the rest of the world by air and it is easy to access it by both road and rail from other cities in the country or the USA. The international airport is Toronto Pearson Airport located in Mississauga which is 17 miles from Toronto. The Express Bus offers a direct connection between the international airport and the city.

The second airport in Toronto is Toronto City Centre Airport and is located on one of Toronto’s Islands. This airport only operates private and cooperative flights and its central location makes it easy to get from the airport to the city centre using public transport.

The Canadian rail service operated by Via Rail is an excellent and very efficient way of travelling to Toronto from another part of Canada or the USA or for excursions to see tourist attractions such as Niagara Falls. The main train station in the city is Union Station which is found on Frank Street.

Public Transport

Toronto is a very clean city which offers an excellent and efficient public transport service in order to protect the environment.

It is also easy to hire a bicycle in Toronto or to simply visit the city by foot. Toronto was the pioneer city in creating the Underground Path with around 17 miles of underground path, enabling you to walk underground avoiding the cold weather and snow in the winter and likewise to avoid the heat in the summer. You will find more than 1,200 shops and services in the underground passages and it is a very fast way to move around the city as all the main buildings, hotels and tourist attractions are signposted.

If you decide to use public transport, TCC (Toronto Transit Commission) is the company which offers the metro, bus and tram services. Toronto metro is the most used method of public transport. It has four lines which connect a total of 69 stations. The night service is covered by the bus service.

The rail and bus services are the methods of transport used in the suburbs and they are operated by Ontario Government through GO-Transit. You can also travel within the city by taxi.

There are tourist buses designed for visitors as they cover a route of the main attractions in the city and they enable you to get on and off as many times as you like. You can also visit the outskirts of Toronto by the boat or ferry service which sail the Lake Ontario.

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