Parque Nacional da Tijuca,
Alto da Boa Vista,
Rio de Janeiro

Tijuca National Park was built in 1967 and it is the largest city forest in the world, covering around 12.3 square miles of land. It is a perfect place to spend the day with windy paths to explore and beautiful scenery to admire. Go hill walking in the park and take in the fresh air or cycle around the park stopping off to have a picnic along the way.

Some of the most famous features in Tijuca National park are the Gávea Stone, Corcovado Mountain and Tijuca Summit which is the highest part of the park at 1,022 metres above sea level. There are also various waterfalls such as Cascatinha Taunay and Cascata Gabriela, not to mention the 19th century chapel, Chapel Mayrink which is in the middle of this green oasis.

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