Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2014 : 28 February – 4 March

The annual Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the most famous in the world. During this festivity, the whole city becomes a rainbow of colours, music and dance in celebration of one of the most anticipated events of the year. During this event, the Sambadrome, a parade area in Rio de Janeiro, is converted into the heart of the Brazilian party.

However, the party is not limited to this area as you can celebrate it, along with everyone else, in any part of the city. There are events, parades and festivities all over the city. Rio de Janeiro moves to the rhythm of the samba from Cinelândia, to the districts of Gávea and Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana and Botafogo beaches.

The official celebration starts on the Friday before the carnival when the king of the party is chosen but the preparations for the carnival start weeks before the event. The Samba Schools show parades, hold competitions and all sorts of exhibitions related to the dance.

To feel the spirit of the world’s samba capital it is not essential to go to Rio de Janeiro during the carnival. Cidade do Samba or Samba City is a building which is open all year and which has a number of buildings and samba schools. You will even be able to live the carnival all year round and take part in some rehearsals.

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Rio de Janeiro Carnival Calendar

Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2014 : 28 February
Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2015 : 13 February

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide | More about Carnival

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