Pra├ža Marechal Floriano (Cinel├óndia),
Rio de Janeiro

The Municipal Theatre was opened in 1909 and its design is based on the Paris Opera. All the materials, such as the marble, windows, mirrors, mosaics and machinery, that were used to build the theatre were imported from Europe.

It was initially designed to host foreign theatrical groups, mainly from Italy and France. However, in 1930 it started to form its own local groups. The building is currently dedicated to dance and musical productions and is the base for the Symphony Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro.

You can book tickets for a performance at the theatre or you can take a guided tour of the building. The visit will take you from the main entrance to the boxes, orchestra and the cabins and you will be able to see the inside of the theatre which was recently decorated with squares and sculptures of Brazilian artists.

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