Avenida D. Henrique,
Parque do Flamengo,
Rio de Janeiro

The Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MAM) was inaugurated in 1959 and has a collection of paintings, sculptures and etchings from the 20th century, both by national and international artists. It displays around 11,000 works of art and includes artistic movements such as cubism, futurism and surrealism.

The Gilberto Chateaubriand collection housed inside this museum is the most important collection of modern and contemporary art in Brazil, along with the Brazilian Photography Collection which comprises of around 4,000 works of art.

All in all, this museum hosts one of the most important modern art collections in the country, despite the fact that a fire in 1978 destroyed the majority of the collection including works by artists as famous as Picasso, Miró and René Magritte. However, it made a quick recovery from the effects of the fire, thanks to contributions made by many artists and institutions, as well as some governments.

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