Rua Jardim Botânico, 920,
Rio de Janeiro

The Botanic Garden in Rio de Janeiro is one of the top ten of its type in the world. It covers around 340 acres of land and has a Japanese Garden and a Sensory Garden which was designed so that people with a visual impairment can experience the garden too.

It displays a large variety of Brazilian flowers, as well as others from all over the world with an area for orchids, a nursery for meat-eating plants and a lake. In total, there are around 11,000 vegetal species in the garden among which you can see the famous Imperial Palm Trees which have formed part of the garden since it was founded in 1808.

The Botanic Garden in Rio de Janeiro forms part of the Historic Heritage and National Art of Brazil and has buildings such as the Casa dos Pilões, an old gunpowder factory and the Casa de los Cedros as well as historical monuments which date from the 16th century.

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