Rue de l’Étuve & Rue du Chêne
Lower Town

Just three blocks from the famous Grand Place is the national symbol of Belgium, Manneken Pis. This statue which barely measures 30 cm has become as famous as Big Ben in London and it depicts a little boy going to the toilet in a fountain.

The original stone statue which dates back to the mid-14th century was replaced by the bronze Manneken Pis which was sculpted by Jerôme Duquesnoy in 1619. Various theories have been invented to explain the origins of the little statue. Some say that he was a little boy who saved Brussels from a fire and others believe that a rich man lost his son and found him in the position of the statue in the street.

It is the tradition that foreign diplomats and politicians give the statue an outfit during their stay in Brussels. For this reason you may see the little boy dressed as Father Christmas or Dracula depending on the season.

Don’t forget to visit Jeanneke Pis, Manneken Pis’ little sister who stands just steps from Rue des Bouchers.

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