Boulevard du Cinquantenaire
1020 Bruxelles

One of the most symbolic monuments in Brussels is The Atomium which forms part of Heysel Plateau in Brussels. The metallic structure measures 102m in height and was designed by André Waterkeyn and Jean Polack for the World Fair in 1958. The monument represents an iron molecule enlarged 165 billion times and you can take a look inside six of its nine huge spheres which are joined by tubes measuring 18m in diameter. From the highest sphere you will see spectacular views of Brussels.

Brupark theme park is just steps from Atomium. It includes Mini Europe, Kinepolis Imax Cinema, Océade Water Park and The Village. Mini Europe is a miniature park where you can explore a bite-sized collection of the most famous monuments in Europe. See reconstructions of Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and a bullring in Seville – explore Europe in a couple of hours! Kinepolis is leading the cutting edge of the new cinema generation with 30 screens measuring 600 m2. Océade is an indoor water park with lots of slides, water games, swimming pools – fun for the whole family is guaranteed. The Village offers a selection of bars, restaurants, cafes and entry to this park is free.

This is a must-see visit if you are on a family holiday in Brussels!

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