Belgium is located in north-west Europe and it shares its border with France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This small country has a population of 10.7 million people. Despite its size, Belgium plays an important role in European politics as it is home to the European Union and other international organisations such as NATO.

The country is also multilingual! It is divided into the Dutch-speaking region Flanders in the north of Belgium and the French-speaking southern region Wallonia. The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is where you will hear just about any language…..

Home to Belgian waffles and French fries and renowned for its beer and chocolates, this country has something sweet and savoury to offer anyone. Check out the Belgian restaurants and you won’t be disappointed. Then take a tour of Belgium and discover Brugge, the perfect destination for a romantic weekend. Or for a city with lots of life, music and activity, take a trip to Antwerp. For culture, museums and monuments, visit Brussels or Ghent.

A small country with a lot of life and cultural variety….visit Belgium!