Cliff Street, Watson’s Bay,
The Gap
Watsons Bay

The Gap is one of the most beautiful excursions which you can do around the cliffs of Sydney. It is a break from the city and an excellent opportunity to admire the spectacular Australian coast. So why not prepare a picnic and spend the day with the family on The Gap.

The excursion starts at The Gap Park and it will take you through Vaucluse to the lighthouse of South Head. The paths are marked and there are barriers to protect you from the cliff edges. During the trip you will travel from Camp Cove, one of the most picturesque coves in Sydney and Lady Lane Beach, which is the only nudist beach in the city.

Watsons Bay is included in the excursion and this was one of the first fishing areas in Sydney and it still conserves some of the best pubs and fish restaurants.

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