The first port in Buenos Aires was located in La Boca. Despite regular flooding, this district received many immigrants, particularly from Italy and for this reason it is nicknamed La Piccola Italia.

The Caminito Museum Street in La Boca is completely pedestrianised and although it is only around 100m long, it is one of the busiest streets in Buenos Aires. The houses which line the street are renowned for their lively colours and flower filled windows. Coloured snack bars are also typical in this area as well as restaurants where you can buy Italian food.

This district is also where the Bombonera stadium is located which is home to one of the oldest and most important football clubs in the world, the Boca Juniors, which was founded in 1905. The paved streets, the boats cemetery, boat junkyard, the sand towers and the ship stores are also common attractions in la Boca.

Buenos Aires Travel Guide | Districts in Buenos Aires

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