HipĆ³lito Yrigoyen 219, Montserrat, Buenos Aires

The Casa Rosada is located in Plaza de Mayo Square and is the presidential palace in Argentina. It was named La Casa Rosada (Pink House) because it is a light pink building and has become a major tourist attraction in the city since its appearance in the Oscar-winning film Evita.

The presidential palace is located on Rivadavia Street and has a huge arch entrance on the main facade of the building which is used by the president. This entrance leads to the grand foyer which is decorated with Art Deco features which compliment the splendid architecture of the building.

Today the museum of the presidential palace is open to the public for guided visits. There are two stair cases which lead to the first floor where you will see the White Room which is where official receptions are held. The visit also includes seeing the Courtyard Palm Tree; the Busts Gallery which hosts a collection of busts of the Argentinean presidents, the Northern and Southern rooms and finally the Cristo Rey Chapel.

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