Avenida de Mayo
Buenos Aires

The Avenida de Mayo is a street in Buenos Aires which was built in 1894 and it looks like a Parisian boulevard with its French art noveau style. Many famous figures have lived in this street such as Carlos Gardel, Ortega y Gasset, Puccini, Clemenceau, Einstein and Federico García Lorca. Today, it is a lively area where you will find first class luxury hotels, coffee and pastry shops and theatres.

Some of the most important buildings in Avenida de Mayo are the parliament building and the Culture House which was opened in 1896 and was the former headquarters for the newspaper, La Prensa. Cabildo is also a famous building in this street used by the colonial government and this is where the May Revolution was made official.

At number 825 Avenida de Mayo you will find the Café Tortoni which is the oldest coffee shop in the city and some of the most famous bars in the Buenos Aires such as the Los 36 billares, Confitería London City and the Confitería del Molino can also be found here.

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