Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentine Republic and is the most populous city in the country with three million inhabitants in the inner city and more than 10 million in the Greater Buenos Aires area.

The city was founded by the Spanish explorer Pedro Mendoza and his expedition in 1536. However, it was later abandoned by these settlers as they were attacked by the indigenous people and so it was founded for the second time in 1580.

Today the city is formally known as the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires as it was granted autonomy through the 1994 constitution. It is a cosmopolitan city divided into 48 different districts.

Buenos Aires is a city of passion, culture and history which is waiting to be discovered. Take a walk through the historic centre of the city and see the famous Plaza de Mayo and the balcony of the Presidential Palace which features in the famous film Evita. Learn to Tango and soak up the cultural variety of this city with more than 200 theatres and cinemas.

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