Saint Andrew’s Day, 30th November 2014

The Feast of Saint Andrew is celebrated on the 30th November to commemorate Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. St. Andrew’s Day was only recently designated as a public holiday under the St. Andrew’s Bank Holiday (Scotland) Act 2007 and is renowned as Scotland’s official national day. It is only in the past few years that this day has been celebrated on a national level, in Scotland and on an international level.

There are various events organised in all the main Scottish cities. In Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, there is a Ceilidh (typical Scottish dance) and street party with live music. In Glasgow, Stirling and Inverness there are similar events organised as well as Highland dancers and flying of the Scottish Flag.

St. Andrew’s Day Calendar

Saint Andrew’s Day 2014 Sunday
Saint Andrew’s Day 2015 Monday
Saint Andrew’s Day 2016 Wednesday
Saint Andrew’s Day 2017 Thursday
Saint Andrew’s Day 2018 Friday

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