M&D's Scotland's Theme Park

Strathclyde Country Park

M&D's Scotland's Theme Park has 40 rides and attractions designed for both children and adults. There is a rollercoaster, Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round, as well as an indoor play area where you can go bowling, play snooker and lots more. It is great for children and ideal for rainy days. The indoor rainforest attraction, Amazonia is a very popular attraction for young children, giving them an insight to life in a tropical rainforest.

There are various restaurants, souvenir shops and there is even a hotel called Alona. Entrance to the park is free as you must you pay for the services that you use and you can either pay for a pass to use all the attractions or you can purchase a seasonal pass. Cheap flights to Edinburgh.

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M&D's Scotland's Theme Park, Glasgow


hi a love that place

hi a love that place

Hi M&DS is great for the

Hi M&DS is great for the family i love it if you get the chance GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I love M&D's I have been

Omg I love M&D's I have been there alot and I want to go again!! I might be going there for my birthday :D think it's perfect for people that love to go on scary rides but not too scary! I'd recommend it to everyone =D

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