Hari-kuyo – The Festival of Broken Needles, 8 February 2014


2-3-1 Asakusa,

The annual Festival of Broken Needles is held on 8th February. According to the tradition, Japanese women would take a break from their daily work as dressmakers so that they could worship the sea gods and show their gratitude and respect to old, broken and rusty needles by putting them in a cake.

Today, this festival is held in all the temples and sanctuaries in Japan. If you are in Tokyo on this day you should go to Sensoji Temple and you will see women dressed in Japanese clothing known as kimonos practising this ancestral ritual.

The festival consists in offering a funeral to the broken and old needles which have been used during the past year, as people in Japan believe that all objects have a soul and they receive part of our soul when we use them.

Hari-kuyo Calendar

Hari-kuyo 2014 Saturday
Hari-kuyo 2015 Sunday
Hari-kuyo 2016 Monday
Hari-kuyo 2017 Wednesday
Hari-kuyo 2018 Thursday

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